Jian Li

Seoul, Korea, South


SINCE 04/27/2015


SK Telecom

Korea, South

Jian Li is currently working as a manager at SK Telecom. He received his Ph.D degree from POSTECH in 2016. His research is in the area of Software-Defined Networks (SDN), mainly focuses on control plane management. During his Ph.D study, he has worked on failover management in SDN, and security management in LTE network.
Jian Li designed and implemented all of the features of Control Plane Manager (CPMan) in ONOS. CPMan adds management capability to control plane in a way to provide higher availability and reliability for ONOS. He is currently focusing on realizing distributed LISP control plane on top of ONOS. He is also a member of ONOS/CORD ambassador steering team (aka A-team), helps to organize events and provides assistance to Korean community.

Areas of Expertise

  • Control Plane Management
  • ONOS Southbound Architecture
  • Locator/Identifier Separation Protocol (LISP) Southbound Support
  • Northbound Interface (REST API)
  • Northbound Interface (gRPC)
  • Web GUI