CORD Build 2017

QCT Cloud Technology Headquarters | QCT Silicon Valley Office | United States


Nov 07, 2017 - Nov 09, 2017

9am - 6pm

Quanta Cloud Technology, an active CORD collaborator, has graciously agreed to host this event at their facility in San Jose, California.  Their facility is a perfect fit for this event — there is a large auditorium space, multiple breakout rooms and kiosks to use for Science Fairs where community members can demonstrate what they are working on.


We understand that CORD has a community of contributors from all over the world and that some community members may not be able to make it to this location for the event in November.  For people in Asia who can’t attend this event, we encourage you to look at attending ONOS Build 2017 that will be held in Seoul, Korea in September and that will include some CORD content.  We are also committed to holding future events in areas that are more accessible to parts of the community that haven’t been well served by previous events — for instance, we held the first ONOS Build last year in Paris and this year have moved that event to Asia.

Ambassador at the event:David Boswell